German RaceChip enters into Iranian auto market

Datis Khodro


RaceChip Chiptuning, the market leader for electronic performance enhancement from Germany is now expanding this network in Iran. 

Highly recommended by the automakers experts, the chips offer professional performance enhancement via an auxiliary control unit.

RaceChip is best known for greater performance, higher torque, a powerful engine boost and agile response characteristics.

Tuning boxes by RaceChip improve the power output of almost any turbocharged diesel or petrol engine and provide customers with a unique driving experience, maximizing driving pleasure with every car. 

While enjoying more performance, RaceChip even helps increasing mileage.

Drivers can benefit from up to 20% better fuel economy compared to the factory settings, depending on their individual driving style. 

 Datis Khodro Iranian Co is considered as the first representative of Germany’s RaceChip in Iran, which is highly active in installing and selling the device across the country. 

The Iranian company also delivered after-sales services for vehicles that the chip has been installed. 

RaceChip performance increase of up to 30% and an extra dose of driving fun are available for more than 3,000 vehicles from over 60 manufacturers including  Alfa Romeo, BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, etc.

RaceChip products are available directly from RaceChip over a network of online shops as well as from 2,000 sales partners worldwide in over 135 countries. 

RaceChip’s product range includes the entry-level model RaceChip One, the bestseller RaceChip Pro 2 and the premium model RaceChip Ultimate. 

The Smartphone Connect feature, which enables control of the chip tuning module via the RaceChip app, is optionally available for the RaceChip Ultimate.

RaceChip’s product and engine warranty underscores its highest technological, quality and safety standards.